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Red gurnard

John Dory - Firm Texture suits any kind of cooking, but most popular in fillet form for pan fried, poached and sauced recipes.
Red Mullet - Full of flavour and aroma. Best UK season,June - October, although available all year round.

Monkfish - Firm, white flesh has a ‘meaty’texture, smaller tails are sweeter.

Gurnard - An excellent firm fleshed fishoften baked.

Bass - Soft in texture, sweet inflavour. Wild sea fish considered to be superior to farmed fish from warm mediterranean waters.

Cod/Haddock - The finest quality inshore fish - normally caught by vessels fishing on a daily basis.

Haddock is full of flavour and delicious when smoked.

Hake - Good flavour, soft texture.

Whiting - For deep frying and grilling.

Ling - Tasty and firm in texture.

Pollock - Excellent for flaking in fish pies.
Black Bream - Flavoursome and high quality, supplied from the English Channel.

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