Ian Perkes Fish Merchants Ltd.

Fish Merchants, Import & Export

Sustainability has become a fundamental issue for our buyers when making their purchasing decisions. Information is required from all the suppliers as to the source of produce as well as any relevant catch methods. For example, we are supplied by the innovative trawler BM 200 "The Lady T Emiel" the skipper Mike Sharpe having personally developed new, square shaped nets that allow larger quantities of smaller fish to escape, leading to cleaner fishing by having 60% less discards and by-catch. These improvements won Mike and his boat first prize in the clean fishing award presented by Rick Stein in 2007. The new design of nets is now being introduced aboard many other south west trawlers.

With the opening of their new processing plant Ian and Sean are now looking forward to supplying top quality fresh fillets, scallop meat, etc to discerning customers throughout the UK and Europe.They are fortunate enough to have trawlers landing directly to their factory so quality is never an issue. The Perkes family are also buying daily from ports situated along the Southwest coastline.


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